Veterinary MIRoTEC® Reflective Therapy Rugs and Wraps

Reflective Therapy Rug & Wraps

Veterinary MIRoTEC® is a versatile, light and user-friendly physical-therapy aid that can reduce health problems due to soft tissue damage, aid recovery time and enhance the performance of your horse. Research indicates that reflective Infra-Red Radiation promotes the healing process and assits recovery due to improved circulation.

Use Veterinary MIRoTEC® Reflective Therapy Rugs and Wraps to help treat:

  • Post-Surgical Warm-Up/Recovery
  • Cold-Backed/Saddle-Sore Horses
  • Tendon/Joint Injuries
  • Cuts/Abrasions/Abscesses
  • Back/Shoulder/Chest Injuries
  • Arthritic Joints/Shin Soreness
  • Warm-Up Pre/Post Competition/Breeding/Work-out
  • Muscle Strains/Spasms
  • Hypothermia

Specially Designed Using ‘Space Blanket’ Technology for Horses Everywhere!

The self-regulating Mirotec SnugRug is equivalent to three ordinary blankets. SnugRug will keep your horse the warmest and driest it's ever been.

The single lightweight SnugRug is all you need!

  • The porous structure allows excess moisture to escape without allowing outside moisture in

  • The inner core reflects the horses' natural heat back to ensure minimal heat loss even under extreme conditions

  • Self-regulating means you don't have to decide how many blankets to put on

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