Join In

You’re invited to “Join In” the excitement of International Eventing
in the way of Sponsorship. If you would like to consider being a part
of Holly’s dream to make the team, you can “Join In” on one of many
different levels. Each level plays a vital role in helping this world-class
athlete achieve world-class status.

Get to Know Holly and Why to Sponsor Her

Holly is currently seeking sponsorship in order to achieve her goal
of becoming a contender for the United States Equestrian Team. The expenses involved in working towards that objective are high, and all
top-level competitors need sponsors.

There are several different ways to be an active sponsor. And
sponsorship can take one of several different forms—from partial or
full horse ownership, to direct financial contributions, to product
support. Please read on for more details.

Holly would greatly appreciate your support on any level.
To "Join In", please contact her directly by phone at 908.334.3126.
You can donate online using PayPal, a secure, easy way to contribute, simply click the Donate button.

Ways of Sponsorship

Holly Payne Equestrian Endowment
Personal or corporate contributions to this fund help meet the
day-to-day expenses of training to prepare for Olympic and other
world-level competitions. These expenses include board, travel,
competition entry fees, and veterinary costs. Quarterly or monthly
donations are very helpful to offset expenses. And no amount is
either too great or too small. Of course, all sponsors are gratefully
acknowledged for their support and recognized as often as possible.

Three-day Event Sponsor
“Joining In” to become a “Three-Day Event Sponsor” is a wonderful
way to participate in the International world of eventing by getting
an “insiders” look at how the competition is seen from the rider’s perspective. As a Three Day Event Sponsor you will receive the
seasonal event competition schedule, choose the show (or shows)
you wish to sponsor, and then get ready to participate! At this level
of sponsorship you will not only be acknowledged at the show for
your sponsorship, but you will become an integral part of the
eventing experience with access to stabling, joining in on course
walks, participating in “competitor parties,” and actively viewing
training sessions. Three-Day Events in the US range between
$500-$1000 per show. Overseas Three-Day Events range from
$10,000-$30,000 per show—this is due in part to the international
air-fare travel expenditures needed for both horse and rider.

Product Sponsorship
Product donations and product sponsorships are welcome. It takes
a great deal more than just horse and rider to successfully compete
from one event to another. Holly competes regularly at the national and
international levels and has access to hundreds of competitors, owners,
and spectators alike to actively and aggressively promote your brand.
In addition, she regularly teaches and is a popular clinician giving your
brand inside access to a wide range of up-and-coming event riders.
To date, Holly and her equine partners have been featured in product advertising in a range of horse trade magazines.

If you are interested in helping your product gain exposure in
the eventing world, Holly's constant and consistent presence is a
winning proposition.

Horse Ownership or Syndication
Holly is also looking for “horse sponsors” who would like to actively
participate in her long-term equestrian goals. Owning a horse at the
Olympic level is a very prestigious honor. Highly talented, quality
horses are hard to come by and expensive. If you are interested in
an “owner/rider” partnership with Holly that could take both you and
her to the top levels of the eventing world, please contact her directly
for more information on such an arrangement.

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