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Eventing is the ultimate equestrian triathlon for the horse and
rider. First originating as a test for military horses, the sport
of eventing demonstrates the obedience, courage, stamina, and
athleticism of a horse and rider combination. In its modern day
format, eventing has three phases: the dressage test, the
cross-country phase, and the show jumping phase.


The first part of an eventing competition begins with the dressage
phase of the event—a test designed to show the suppleness and
obedience of the horse.

The dressage test is an evaluation of the harmony that can exist
between the horse and rider through a series of exact movements
that require precision and control. A good dressage test will be
  executed with the utmost accuracy while looking effortless on
      the part of the rider.

Cross Country

The second part of an eventing competition tests
the speed, stamina, and courage of both horse
and rider. A virtual obstacle course, cross-country
requires the horse and rider to gallop at a fast
pace over solid obstacles including wide ditches,
stone walls, and large hedges, as well as jumping
up and down hills, and dropping in and out of
water complexes. It is the ultimate test of
athleticism, agility, and trust in equestrian sports.

Show Jumping

The show jumping phase is the final phase in the
eventing competition and tests the jumping ability
of the horse and rider after finishing the rigors of
the cross-country phase. Unlike the solid obstacles
on the cross-country phase, the rails in a stadium
course can be knocked down if a horse and rider
aren’t careful enough. A successful round requires
accuracy and discipline to complete the course
without dropping a rail.
A single rail knocked down
can make all the difference in the final standings.

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